Yse Barluet

Walk in Paris (by Ysé Barluet)

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Anonyme asked:
Tu vas faire quoi pendant la fashion week ? :)

Demain Christian WIjnants (créateur belge chez qui j’ai fait un stage) fait un défilé pour la FW, je vais aider à habiller les mannequins. Samedi j’ai le défilé d’Allude et sinon je n’ai pas prévu grand chose, j’ai beaucoup de travail !

Anonyme asked:
Tu devrais poster plus de look ! :)

Cette semaine j’en poste un ! :)

cat-it-deactivated20140226 asked:
Your beauty is just overwhelming! I'm just wondering.. how is it like living in Paris? Especially as a teen.. its one of my biggest dream to live one day, in Paris!

Paris is a really nice place to live in, especially as teen. I’m very lucky !

Anonyme asked:
Comment ça va avec la rentrée et la reprise des cours ?

Ca s’annonce difficile… Mais j’ai une bonne classe !

Anonyme asked:
do you live wit your mom too or just with your dad ?

My dad :)

Anonyme asked:
Your hair is so voluminous ! How do you get it like that? Aha so pretty ! :O

Oh thank youuu <3

Anonyme asked:
Please refrain from smoking m'y lové, please do it for me. You'll feel better...

? I don’t think an anonymous would be more effective than my dad so that I stop smoking…

Anonyme asked:
Do you feel lucky in general ?

Depends of the circumstances, but I think yes I am :)

Anonyme asked:
Do you think smoking is a 'good' thing ? Would you be able to stop smoking if someone ask you to ?

Smoking is a bad thing, but if someone ask me to stop (like my dad), I probably won’t stop because if you want to stop it´s your own choice and you need to have to the motivation :)

Anonyme asked:
Keep following your fashion dream ! :)

Thank you so much

Anonyme asked:
Who are your bestest friends ?

Jenny Martinet, Adam Behillil, Alexandra Gas :)

Anonyme asked:
You seem super adorable

Awww thank you

Anonyme asked:
are you adopted ?

Yes, adopted at birth

Anonyme asked:
is yse your real/full name ?

Yes it’s my real and full name !